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Smart Stock Trading In Retirement

How To Confidently Pick a Stock for Trading

Over the past 12 years, I have been dabbling in stocks. I lost a lot of money like so many other people did when the internet bubble burst. It took me a good two years to summon the courage to examine what I had done wrong. Mainly, I had not followed my own advice. 

If you are retired, you cannot afford to lose money in stocks or any other endeavor. But, the stock market has potential. It CAN make you money. But how do you develop the confidence that your stock pickcan make money? Only one way! You need to enter ONLY HIGH PROBABILITY trades.

Do you have the patience and time to put into researching the market before investing? I don't. So, I set out to find "experts" who could help me. I found four but not one fulfilled on the promise. After over a year of searching for the perfect solution, I bought a software from one company with much trepidation. SURPRISE!

This company is the secret data provider for big names such as WSJ, Barrons' when they publish their own "HOT STOCKS" lists. You see this software company publishes software that essentially "mines" information from historical data. No one (so far) has been able to predict the future 100% of the time. But, almost everyone (smart) wants to know how a specific stock/futures/forex pair has performed in the past. 

What this software does is simply mind blowing. For example, say you wanted to find how a stock had behaved (historically) in the month of January. Enter a few parameters, click and voila! The software presents all the information you could never have found on your own (for the past 10 years, 15 years, etc.).  How much money it made every year, max gain etc.

So now, if you knew a stock had consistently made money every January (for the past 15 years), would you develop some confidence that this might do the same again this January? You bet! Of course, don't bet against the market, i.e., if the market (or stock) is downtrending, don't make a trade even if THIS software says otherwise

Using commonsensical guidelines PLUS this software, you can INCREASE the odds in your favor. I love it! You will too. 

SUMMARY: This software shows you only HIGH probablity trades based on historical data (10-15-20+ years!). You decide! 60-day risk-free trial.  NO MONTHLY Subscription junk either. One time low price. 

Imagine making about $500 for every $10,000 you invest, trade after trade! If you are worried about retirement, then this could be a great means to assure yourself of worry-free golden years.

Before they ban this type of software (there is a proposed congressional bill to this effect c. 2012),
Start Making Money As Early As Tomorrow!

Part-time Internet Business That Has a High Probability of Making Money

This's NOT a "Make $1000/every day" or a "Make $1 million This Year" Program. Instead, our program is a more modest, reality-based program using which you can supplement your income by maybe $500-$2000/month. Maybe more, if you get the hang of it.

Be under no illusion! Making money on the internet (earning money online) has become so competitive that if I gave you a few facts, your head might spin.

Be that as it may, after about a year and $1,200 later, I have finally formulated a workable program that has better chances than most so-called "money making programs" out there (also sometimes called "home business") which will rob you of your money and more importantly, your dreams, by selling you their worthless ebooks or services. Don't fall for them. NEVER BUY ANY PROMISES unless backed by a money back guarantee (and that too from a reputed company). Trust me on this one!

Ok, here are the basics of my plan of action in the order shown:

1. Find a product to sell, ebook (well, well, well!): It's a tough job, but I will give you ideas for where to find them, though.

2. Find a good platform(s) to advertise your product on: this is easy, I will tell you.

3. Start creating your marketing/advertising campaign to achieve desired results: This is the holy grail!

However tough it is, the fun part is waking up every morning to see how many sales you got the previous day! See mine for a sample project I did; got my first few sales in 2 days.

Sales Statement

Don't let anyone tell you that you don't need even a dime to get started (as the above picture will tell you, money makes money. If you don't want to spend money, the alternative is to learn a whole deal about search engines, become a tech guru, struggle for a few months, then you might start seeing sales at no cost in maybe 6 months). Be ready to invest at least a hundred dollars before you will start to see some results. If you do not care about spending your money recklessly, watch out, this process will burn through your money faster than a drill bit goes through softwood.

1. First the product...decide what you want to (re)sell: an ebook that someone else wrote, that retails for say $50, but gives you a $25 commission. Or, an ebook you wrote (I am sorry but I won't go into this here). Either way, you have a product now. TIP: Better to sell something you know about, something you personally enjoy (example: a book on Videography, Photography, How To Assemble a Home Theater, etc.).

Next, assuming you want to find one, where do you look? One preeminent place is called This is a reputable site, has been around for a long time, and has excellent customer service. You will need to sign up. It is free. Suggestion: When you get your user ID, make sure you get one that contains some memorable keywords. Mine says: utips (for usabletips, this website domain name).

Once you go there, explore the different categories (click on Promote Products link), and drill down a bit into each of the 9 categories of interest. Then, look for the bestsellers in each category/subcategory. Now remember, everyone is going after the bestsellers (items near the top). In other words, you will certainly have competition. So, go for the next one, or the one after that. Look at the stats under the product to see exactly how popular it is, and how much it pays you.


Here is one product that promises that you can earn up to $1,500-3,000/day typing advertisements (in google, yahoo, etc.) for other companies, and gives you a 60-day money back guarantee. Promise aside, when you read its sales page, and see all of those juicy earnings statements (a lot lot more than mine), you will feel strongly that you need to buy it yourself (I certainly did and found out it was not for me and definitely not for you). But wait! That is it, isn't it? Any sales letter that moves you on the inside is bound to do the same for other readers. Now, that is the type of product you want to resell. I just gave you one of my secrets to success (but be careful - you do not want to be sending your potential customers to a dishonest operation, it is best that you first try the product out and then if you liked it, advertise it).

Anyway, let us look at its stats:

PAYOUT STATS: $earned/sale: $33.19, %earned/sale: 50.0%, %referred: 62.0%, gravity: 449.5

What these stats are telling you: Each time you sell this product, you will make $33.19, which is a 50% commission (actually, you really make $45.72 because the author of this program increased his payout). 62% of his sales are coming from resellers like you. And most importantly, the number you see for gravity (449.5) tells you that approx. 449 people (just like you) in the last 8 weeks were paid for selling this product. This is good and bad. This means that more and more people are beginning to sell this product (bad). This product seems to sell like crazy (good). See?

So, to summarize, pick a product that has good stats. Now, most people stop here because they think they have found a great product. Now, all they have to do is wait for the commission checks. Alas, no! If your product has a shoddy sales page, then no matter how many people you send to it, sales will be awful, if at all. The more sales a sales page has, the better. This is called a page's conversion rate. No matter how much any product claims to be its conversion rate, you will know the truth when you start seeing your sales. Take a leap of faith! Trust one product for the moment and go to the next step.

Now you have a product, how do you sell it on the internet? God, I could write a whole book on this topic. People are making money telling people how to sell on the net. There are millions of pages that purport to give you a secret formula to sell. Unfortunately, most are repeats of others. There is very little original content. Here is my version that works. It is not the best, nor the most successful, but IT WORKS for me, and I know it will for you.

2. Platform for selling...The easiest way is to start advertising is to start spending some money on PPC search engines, the best of which is, you guessed it, the almighty Google. Why is Google the best? Only because it seems to bring high-quality traffic. Why is this important? Because the people who use Google for their search are serious about what they are looking for and are ready to spend money. There are a few more engines that have worked for me and cost a lot less than Google but more later.

So, the next step is to open a Google Adwords account, and fund it (costs you $5 to sign up, and then money you put in is used for your ads).

3. Create Ads and Market...Once you open an account, start creating ads and linking them to your product's page. Now, to go into details will be a lot of information to give here. I don't have the time to create a detailed step by step procedure when someone else has done it so elegantly.

So How Does It Work?
1. You pick a good product that makes you want to buy it!
2. You write ads on PPC engines and invest money into advertising. The PPC engine will send visitors to your product page.
3. Monitor your sales; tweak your ads; try new PPC engines; market your product. This is not as tough as it sounds.

I recommend two good products (again from that I have learned from. Both are good. Please read their sales pages and go with either of the two (remember my secret: buy from the one that moves you inside). First one comes with a 45-day money back even though it does not say it. The second one has a 90-day money back policy. So don't worry. Don't buy both as they repeat most of the information in each other. Both have their shortcomings. But, I still prefer the second one (Google Profits) as it is a more recent publication and is simpler to follow. Follow the instructions in either ebook to the letter. And you might very well have your first sale in a day or two.

Course 1: Google Cash - By Chris Carpenter
Course 2: Google Profits - By Wade Winger

And, here is another product that Chris recommends. Try it out too. It has nice stats. Best of all, you can get your money back if it does not work out.

Course Name: Affiliate Elite

This ends my first installment. If you like to ask me questions, please email me at vick1 AT Also, I send out my very infrequent but MOST VALUABLE TIPS on money making, ads, adwords, etc. Be sure to sign up (see form above). Sorry, when you click on "show me" above this form it will add you to my list *and* take you to an excellent site related to making money with stocks. Please ignore it. I will fix it when I have time.

I will continue to document my other hard-earned secrets here. Please bookmark this page and visit again. Thanks for reading this article and Good luck. Let me know how it works for you (vick1 at